Illinois Heroin Crisis Act

  • Enacted January 2016
  • All pharmacies to dispense an opioid overdose antidote like naloxone without a Rx.
  • Requires fireman, police, EMT’s & school nurses to carry the drug and receive training how to use it.
  • Mandatory reporting of drug overdose by coroners & medical examiners to health dept.
  • Establish new drug programs in schools.
  • The bill amends drug court programs to keep users in treatment and out of jail.
  • Provides insurance coverage for heroin/opioid antidotes.
  • Requires medicaid to pay for medication based treatments.
  • Upgrade the prescription monitoring programs
911 Good Samaritan overdose Law
  • Enacted in 2012
  • grants immunity to anyone who calls 911 to report an overdose seeking medical services.